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Is a diesel generator cheaper than mains electricity?

Is a diesel generator cheaper than mains electricity?

This is very up in the air and it all depends. The answer to the question is yes at the moment because of how high the cost of electricity has become but this can always change in the future. There are also other factors to consider and one is that a diesel generator can access a lot more power. This is because mains electricity will typically restrict the amount of energy you can pull from the electric grid.

Another factor to weigh up is the overall efficiency of diesel generators as well as the upfront cost. Well, we help to alleviate that issue as we offer a generator-for-hire service to enable you to get a generator for a reduced overall cost and you can return it to us when you no longer need it. We offer various types of generator hire near York and generator hire near Selby that offer you generators that are as efficient as they can be. This means you have access to a generator near you when you need it without the headaches of having to scour the new. Your search is over.

Generator hire near me options

So, what are your generator options now that you are considering a generator hire instead of an outright purchase? Well, not much changes when it comes to your selection of generators. You’ll just need to pay the rate, and everything from delivery to maintenance is taken care of by us. You can go with a portable generator hire or small generator hire if you’re only going to need a small energy output or want to use it for various projects.

There are also options for a silent generator hire if you are concerned about the noise generators can produce and are considering a long-term hire. You just need to opt for what is best for you.

Going beyond the generators themselves

We don’t just offer an inverter generator for hire. We also conveniently provide you with accessories for hire. On top of that, if you’re looking for access to a large amount of diesel fuel and up to 10,000 litres, you can also be provided with a fuel tank for hire that will come along with your generator.

Let us handle the heavy lifting

Reach out to us today to get the most updated generator hire prices and see what’s available. We offer a complete package for whatever your needs are and at the same time, we like to work with our customers and try to understand their requirements in advance. That way, we can help recommend you exactly what you’re looking for whenever you need us. So you won’t have to guess whether you’re getting the right amount of equipment and diesel fuel in the first place.

You can feel confident working with us as we’ve been in the industry long enough to know just the right generators to offer for hire as well as other ancillary equipment.

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