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Nationwide Industrial Generator Hire

"Hire That Hits The Mark"

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We offer nationwide industrial hire for small or large petrol & Diesel generator hire. Get in touch with a member of our team today. 01757 600588

Nationwide Industrial Generator Hire

Industrial Generator Hire Across the UK

We offer a powerful range of industrial generators for hire across the UK. Our hire generators range from 6 kVA to 1500 kVA and come in different specifications depending on the application. From commercial prime to standby applications, our hire generator range offers soundproofed and diesel options at 240V (1PH) or 400V (3PH).

Versatile Generator Rental for Various Applications

Our diesel generator hire services include both long and short-term options. Through telemetry, we provide remote monitoring and management services for rented generator equipment.

Versatile Generator Rental for Various Applications

Our generators cater to different applications across various industrial sectors. Whether you need a mobile generator rental, a quiet generator for hire, or construction generator hire solutions, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Let Our Experts Help

We have vast knowledge in small or large petrol & Diesel generator hire. Get in touch with a member of our team today. 01757 600588

We offer delivery services to suit your requirements, including time sensitive, Hiab offloading and curtain side deliveries.

We our combined over 25 years of experience, we can offer you the right product for your application, giving you confidence with both the service we offer and the product you will receive.

We understand that no matter the application all requirements are critical to yourself or your business, therefore working with a business like ourselves will give you confidence in finding the right solution for your application.

Count on our team of seasoned industry professionals to guide you in finding the ideal generator solution tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re focused on environmental impact, cost savings, or seeking a noiseless overnight operation, we’re here to ensure you discover the right generator for your requirements.

Equipped with Stage IIIA and Stage V emissions-compliant engines

*Sturdy and secure canopies feature large lockable doors to enhance security, particularly in vulnerable areas

*Generous 24-hour fuel tanks meet DEFRA compliance standards, extending running times between refueling

*Utilizing advanced engine technology for industry-leading fuel efficiency

*Robust bunded base with 110% capacity to minimize environmental risks, includes a high-level alarm for added security

*Complete with full synchronization, load share, and load demand capabilities
Offers road-towable options for added convenience and flexibility

*Connects to location tracking and comprehensive telemetry. 

*Wide generator range available, ranging from 1kVA to 1500kV

We have nationwide short term generator hire packages available. 

Need something long term? We have nationwide long term diesel generator hire packages available. 

To ensure uninterrupted operation of generators and machinery, we offer hassle-free fuel filling services. Through our chosen suppliers, we deliver fuel directly to your site, eliminating the need for manual refuelling and minimising downtime. Whether clients require diesel, AdBlue, petrol, or alternative fuels, our reliable refilling solutions ensure continuous productivity.

Diesel Generator Hire

We offer the full range of diesel generator hire for industrial applications, the range covers from 6KVA to 1500KVA as soundproof aiding the reduction of noise pollution giving emergency support when you need it most.

Synchronised Generator Hire

We offer a wide array of synchronised generators allowing for a larger overall KVA to power your load requirement. Typically used in commercial applications due to dimensional restrictions and ease of servicing. Having a synchronised generators also allows for N+1 applications, typically used in Data Centres and Hospitals.

hire diesel generator on a trailer, ideal for towing on the road.

Emergency Generator Hire

Our extensive selection of Diesel generators for hire, ranging from 6KVA to 1500KVA, allows us to meet your diverse power requirement. Ideal for essential applications and emergency generator hire, these generators ensure reliable performance. Experience the power you require today. Our nationwide generator hire coverage ensures a solution, no matter your location or application.

Low Emissions Generator Hire

All of our diesel generators we hire are able to be ran on HVO fuel. HVO fuel has up to 90% less emissions than diesel, and has a longer shelf life, ideal for your long term standby hire requirements. We also have available none emissions battery packs from 2KVA up to 60KVA, ensuring your carbon foot is as little as possible, yet still providing you power to your requirement.

Enquire About An Industrial Generator For Hire

At Target Tool & Generator Hire, we’re here to make your industrial hire needs a breeze. Just fill out the sections, and we’ll be in touch using your preferred contact method in no time.

Enhanced Flexibility with External Fuel Tanks

For added flexibility, we provide long run external fuel tanks, using either diesel or HVO. We can also provide AdBlue tanks for those sets that need Adblue. Plus, we offer comprehensive fuel management services for our hire sets to ensure hassle-free operation.

Looking for a Diesel Generator to hire?

Our lineup has something for everyone. Need Industrial Generator Hire? We’ve got you covered. Looking for Synchronised or low emission generator hire? We’ve got those too.

100 kVA - 1500 kVA Industrial Diesel Generator Hire

From 100KVA and 150KVA to 200KVA and 1500KVA, we have generators of various sizes to suit your power requirements.

You Can Rely On Target Tool & Generator Hire

Whatever project or event you have in mind, we’ve got the perfect generator solution waiting for you.

Looking For A Industrial Generator For Sale?

Looking to purchase an industrial generator? Then Target Power Generators Ltd can guide you to the right product. Shop the best quality range of Industrial generators for sale now.

High quality generator brands

Rental Generator Brands We Work With

Explore our hire fleet and cross hire fleet, featuring top power generation brands like SDMO, Ferbo Energy, Pramac Generators, JCB, Loncin, MHM Plant, CPG Cummins and more. We offer options for diesel generator hire, petrol generator hire, small generator hire, large generator hire, emergency generator hire, and event generator hire.