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Generator Hire

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We have vast knowledge in small or large petrol & Diesel generator hire. Get in touch with a member of our team today. 01757 600588

Generator Hire

Explore Our Generator Hire Solutions

We provide an extensive array of power generators designed for diverse applications across various sectors. Whether you’re seeking a small diesel generator rental or a comprehensive multi-generator solution, rest assured, we’ve got your needs met. 

Reliable Hire Generators 

Our generator lineup is procured from high quality manufacturers and spans sizes ranging from 3kVA to 1500kVA. Our Diesel & petrol generators are available as 3-phase or 1-phase options. 

Generator For Hire Near You

Our Diesel generator rental services cover the United Kingdom. With our diverse selection of portable diesel & industrial hire generators, as well as a widespread network, we are well-equipped to provide the perfect rental generator tailored to your specific needs.

Our diesel power generation hire covers the entire UK

Prepare for the unexpected with our comprehensive power contingency plans. Should you face unexpected outages, our rapid response includes setting up a reliable hire generator tailored to your needs. Stay operational and minimize downtime with our contingency solutions.

Bringing over 25 years of experience in the generator industry, we possess extensive experience in both small generator hire and large diesel generator hire.

Our generator rental services cater to a wide range of applications, spanning emergency situations, backup generator needs, weddings, as well as caravan and camping requirements.

Count on our team of seasoned industry professionals to guide you in finding the ideal generator solution tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re focused on environmental impact, cost savings, or seeking a noiseless overnight operation, we’re here to ensure you discover the right generator for your requirements.

*Equipped with Stage IIIA and Stage V emissions-compliant engines

*Sturdy and secure canopies feature large lockable doors to enhance security, particularly in vulnerable areas

*Generous 24-hour fuel tanks meet DEFRA compliance standards, extending running times between refueling

*Utilizing advanced engine technology for industry-leading fuel efficiency

*Robust bunded base with 110% capacity to minimize environmental risks, includes a high-level alarm for added security

*Complete with full synchronization, load share, and load demand capabilities
Offers road-towable options for added convenience and flexibility

*Connects to location tracking and comprehensive telemetry. 

*Wide generator range available, ranging from 1kVA to 1500kVA

small silent generator for hire

Diesel Generator Hire

Explore our hire options from Small Diesel Generators (6kva-100kva) to Large Diesel Generators (100kva-1500kva), including quiet and super silent models.

domestic generator hire target hire

Domestic Generator Hire

We provide hire generators for domestic, prime, and standby use, including silent and diesel options at both 240V (1PH) and 400V (3PH). Fitted with user friendly sockets.

Image of the Target Tool & Generator Hire Portable Generator

Portable Generator Hire

We offer portable diesel generators for hire ranging from 6-10kVA, as well as mobile generators from 10-100kVA.

generator hire accessories target tool and generartor hire

Accessories Hire

Explore our range of distribution boards for hire, from 16A to 2000A, and our selection of generator connection cables, including various plug & socket options.

image of a fuel tank, which can be used to store diesel and hvo fuel. Used in the target hire fleet

Generator Fuel Tank Hire

We offer bulk fuel tanks for hire from 100 to 24,000 litres, including HVO and AdBlue options. We can assist with initial filling and fuel maintenance for longer rentals.

Industrial Generator Hire

Industrial Generator Hire

We offer diesel generators for hire from 6kva to 1500kva, ideal for critical and emergency applications. With nationwide coverage, we have the power solution you need, wherever you are.

Enquire About A Generator For Hire

01757 600588

Looking to Hire a Generator? We’ve Got You Covered!

Whether you’re planning for an emergency, need a data centre backup, or require a generator for domestic use, we have a solution tailored for you. Our range includes both 110V and 240V generators, ensuring we can meet your specific power needs.

Compact and Powerful Options

For those looking for convenience without compromising power, our compact 240V petrol hire generators are an excellent choice. With a range spanning from 5KVA to 1500kva, we guarantee you’ll find the right fit for your requirements.

Flexible Solutions for Every Situation

Planning a mobile setup or working on a job site? Our mobile, site, and backup generator hires are designed to offer flexibility and reliability wherever you need it. Whether you’re powering a home, business, or enjoying leisure activities, we’ve got the perfect generator to keep things running smoothly.




In the world of data centers, downtime is not an option. That’s why we offer specialized Data Centre Generator Hire. Our range reduces down time.


Power generation hire packages to facilities management companies, leveraging our 25+ years of experience to guarantee the perfect generator hire solutions. 


Our range includes generators for Construction Site Generator Hire, featuring emissions-regulated engines. With various fuel options. such as Diesel HVO, petrol or LPG.


We offer emergency hire generators tailored for utility companies, ensuring both small and large generator hire needs are comprehensively met.


Whether you need Wedding Generator Hire or Event Generator Hire, rest assured, we’ve got your back. Our mobile generator hire service ensures seamless delivery to your location.


For recycling plants, we provide extended power generation hire solutions to minimize downtime, ensuring uninterrupted equipment operation and efficiency.


Our emergency generator hire service guarantees swift and reliable delivery of a rental generator to your manufacturing facility, effectively minimising operational losses.


Whether you’re in need of Petrol Generator Hire for home DIY/ trade purposes, Small Diesel Generator Hire, or Backup Generator for domestic use, you can rely on us to provide comprehensive solutions


Yes we do, for long term generator hires we offer servicing packages, to ensure the generators are operating correctly. 

In most cases we can organise dispatch of our hire generators within 48 hours of confirmation

Explore our extensive selection of rental options, including petrol generators, small diesel generators, and large diesel generators. In cases of limited availability, we collaborate with respected industry peers to ensure your needs are met. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

All of the diesel generators we have for hire, or cross hire are manufactured for rental purposes. Ensuring they omit low noise and reduce environment impacts. 

Good question, and the answer varies based on the specific application. Different scenarios call for petrol, diesel, or LPG fuel sources. Consider 110v for construction site generator hire, while weddings and events typically favor smaller diesel generators over larger options. With our 25+ years of generator industry expertise, count on us to steer you towards the perfect product for your needs.

Contact our expert team on 0000 0000 or drop us a email – [email protected]

In most cases customers prefer to book a hire generator well in advance, but don’t worry, we cover emergency generators hires too. 


Quality Hire Brands We Work With

Explore our hire fleet and cross hire fleet, featuring top power generation brands like SDMO, Ferbo Energy, JCB, Loncin, MHM Plant, Cummins G Drive, and more. We offer options for diesel generator hire, petrol generator hire, small generator hire, large generator hire, emergency generator hire, and event generator hire.