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3.6KW Petrol Site Generator For Hire

3600 Watt / 3.6KW Petrol site Portable Generator is perfect for hire applications such as welding, tools, de-humidifiers, extractors, hoovers, events. Including wheel kit.

Hiring Limited to Yorkshire Region

Prices below are provided as a guide based on 1-day hire. Please note that minimum hire durations may vary for different locations. Delivery charges may apply.

£27.50 ex. VAT - £33.00 inc. VAT



3600 Watt / 3.6KW Petrol Site Portable Hire Generator: The Ultimate Power Solution On-The-Go

In the world of small petrol generator hire, our 3600 Watt / 3.6KW Petrol Site Portable Generator stands out, making it an excellent choice for diverse power needs on construction sites.

Key Features:

Versatile Applications for Hire: Whether you’re looking for a generator for construction tasks, events, or even power tools in your back garden this portable hire generator is your ideal pick. It powers everything from welding equipment and tools to de-humidifiers, extractors, and hoovers with ease.

Easy Mobility: Designed with operator convenience in mind, the included wheel kit ensures this small generator hire can be easily transported from one site to another without any fuss.


Continuous KVA: With a solid 4KVA, it promises consistent power for longer durations.
Continuous KW: 3.3KW, ensuring your essential equipment remains operational.

Peak Power: At a peak of  3.6KW, it’s prepared for those moments of high-demand.
Why Choose Our 3600 Watt / 3.6KW Petrol Site Portable Hire Generator?

When it comes to small generator hire, this unit effortlessly combines power, portability, and performance. Whether you’re a professional on a job site, an event planner ensuring things run smoothly, or a homeowner seeking backup power, this portable hire generator is built for reliability.

Target Tool & Generator Hire:

If you’re in the market for a portable hire generator, our 3600 Watt / 3.6KW Petrol site model is a prime choice. Dive into a hassle-free power solution designed with modern needs in mind. Your search for the ideal small generator hire ends here.

Wondering about the power socket connections on our generators? We’ve got a range to fit all your equipment needs. For a hands-on look, swing by our YouTube channel – we’ve got a multiple video’s showcasing our hire generators.

But we’re not just stopping at generators. Need some extra bits and bobs to get everything running seamlessly? We’ve got a treasure trove of generator accessories waiting for you.

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Additional information


Sockets 1x 115V & 1x 230v socket
Fuel Type Petrol
Run Time 2hours
Weight 51kg
Fuel Capacity 15L
Starting Method Recoil/Electric Start
Frequency 50Hz
*3.6KW Petrol generator for rent


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