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500KVA Diesel Generator For Hire

Experience unmatched power with Target Tool & Plant Hire’s 500KVA diesel generator – the perfect choice for industries with rigorous power demands. Trust in our promise of excellence.

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Why Hire From Target Tool & Generator Hire?


500KVA Diesel Generator for Hire at Target Tool & Generator Hire

Product Overview:
Harness unparalleled power with Target Tool & Generator Hire’s 500KVA diesel generator, the ideal solution for a multitude of demanding applications.

Detailed Specifications of Our 500KVA Diesel Generator

Sturdy Dimensions & Weight:
Boasting a length of 4832mm, height of 2334mm, and width of 1610mm, our 500KVA generator’s significant weight of 7700kg ensures utmost stability throughout its operation.

Fuel Efficiency that Speaks Volumes:
Enjoy top-notch fuel consumption rates tailored for varying prime loads, maximising efficiency without sacrificing power.

Advanced Fuel System:
Equipped with an expansive 900L tank and optimized for EN590 diesel, our generator promises hours of continuous, uncompromised performance.

Reduced Noise Output:
Experience the power of 500KVA while maintaining a manageable noise level of only 70 dB(A) at a distance of 7m.

Diverse Applications of the 500KVA Diesel Generator

Emergency Power for Critical Establishments:
From hospitals to data centers, our generator ensures round-the-clock operations even during unexpected power interruptions.

Reliable Power for Construction:
Whether it’s heavy machinery or on-site facilities, your construction projects never experience downtime with our generator.

Events, Shows, & Entertainment:
Illuminate concerts, power major sports events, and run equipment on film sets effortlessly.

Industrial & Manufacturing Excellence:
Uninterrupted operations in manufacturing units, factories, and warehouses are guaranteed with our reliable generator.

Revolutionizing Agriculture:
From irrigation to cold storage, the 500KVA generator delivers the power essential for large-scale farming.

Telecommunications & Connectivity:
Keep communication lines open and data centers running, irrespective of grid inconsistencies.

Empowering Remote Areas:
Mine camps, research stations, or any off-grid sites can now enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Mining, Oil & Gas Operations:
Support your high-demand industry tasks, from mining to drilling operations, without any hitches.

Defense & Military Reliability:
From bases to field hospitals, the 500KVA generator stands as the backbone of military operations.

Utility & Infrastructure:
Maintenance, repairs, or any utility needs are catered to, ensuring the larger grid remains unaffected.

Maritime Powerhouse:
From cargo vessels to cruise liners, our generator is the auxiliary power choice for marine giants.

Harness the 500KVA power advantage with Target Tool & Generator Hire. Powering your ambitions, reliably.

Target Tool & Generator Hire Services

Wondering about the power socket connections on our generators? We’ve got a range to fit all your equipment needs. For a hands-on look, swing by our YouTube channel – we’ve got a video showcasing the different socket types our generators come with.

But we’re not just stopping at generators. Need some extra bits and bobs to get everything running seamlessly? We’ve got a treasure trove of generator accessories waiting for you.

And a quick tip: no one likes a sudden power drop, right? While our generators have pretty spacious fuel tanks, if you’re planning on some heavy-duty, non-stop action, consider hiring one of our fuel storage tanks. It’ll ensure you keep things powered up without any hiccups.

Hire Availability

This product is available for daily hire (depending on location), weekly hire, monthly hire, and also for long-term hire. Need it just for the weekend? We can accommodate that too.

Legal Information

We provide products available for rental, contingent upon availability. Occasionally, we may offer alternative equipment due to circumstances. Rest assured, all options are from top brands and have undergone rigorous selection criteria. Images are solely for illustrative purposes.

Additional information


Fuel Type Diesel
Starting via control panel
Frequency 50Hz
70dba @ 7m
*Power output hard wired / distribution board
120.3Lph @ 100% load
900L base fuel tank, allowing for around 7.5hours at full load.
Weight: 7700KG approx
*Specification subject to change depending on application and product availability.


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