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6KVA Stage V Diesel Generator For Hire

Image of a 6KVA Stage V diesel generator available for rent, providing dependable on-demand power

Need portable power? Hire our versatile 6KVA diesel generator for small construction sites, events, home backup, and more. Reliable and efficient, it’s your nearby solution for short-term power needs.

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6KVA Diesel Generator for Hire – Your Portable Power Solution

Looking for a small generator hire near me? Our 6kva diesel generator hire offers a robust and compact solution to meet your power needs, whether you’re hosting an outdoor event, need backup power, or working on a remote site. It’s the perfect portable generator hire near me that guarantees reliability and performance.

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Key Features Of Our 6KVA Small Hire Generator:

Diverse Power Outlets: Our 6KVA generator boasts multiple sockets including 1x 115V, 16A; 1x 115V, 32A; 1x 230V, 16A; and 1x 230V, 32A. Ensuring diverse compatibility for all your power needs.
Long-lasting: With a fuel capacity of 27L, expect a continuous run time of 23 hours, ensuring your activities are uninterrupted.
Low Noise: Operate in peace with a noise level of just 63 dB(A) at a 7m distance.
Portable and Lightweight: Weighing in at 198kg, it’s the ideal small diesel generator hire for all your portable power needs.
Easy Start: Forget manual cranks; our generator comes with an electric start, getting you powered up without the hassle.
Steady Frequency: Operates at a consistent 50Hz frequency.

When you’re thinking, “Where can I hire a small generator or find a portable power generator hire?”, we’ve got you covered with our efficient 6KVA generator. So, the next time you’re in need, remember our portable generator for hire is just a call away.

Home Backup Power: Ideal for small homes or apartments, a 6KVA generator can power essential household appliances like refrigerators, lights, fans, TVs, and computers during power outages.

Outdoor Events: Perfect for small outdoor events such as garden parties, picnics, or family gatherings. It can provide power for lighting, sound systems, and catering equipment.

Camping and Recreational Use: Its portability makes it a popular choice for campsites, providing power for RVs, camp lighting, cooking equipment, and charging devices.

Small Construction Sites: For construction sites without access to the grid, a 6KVA generator can power tools like drills, saws, and small machinery.

Workshops and Garages: Can be used to run small to medium-sized equipment and tools such as grinders, drills, and compressors in workshops or garages.

Street Vendors: For street food vendors, market stalls, or mobile business units, the generator can provide power for cooking equipment, lights, and electronic payment systems.

Emergency Services: In situations where there’s a need for emergency lighting, communication equipment, or medical devices, a 6KVA generator can come in handy.

Farming and Agriculture: Suitable for small farms, it can power electric fences, water pumps, and some machinery.

Small Businesses: During power outages, businesses like cafes, small shops, or offices can rely on the 6KVA generator to run their operations, including tills, lights, and some kitchen appliances.

Remote Telecommunication: Can be used as a backup power source for telecommunication equipment in areas where grid access is limited.

Mobile Clinics: For healthcare services on the move, the generator can support basic medical equipment, lighting, and ventilation.

Boating and Marine: Provides auxiliary power on boats for lighting, navigation systems, communication equipment, and other onboard appliances.

Hire Availability

This product is available for daily hire (depending on location), weekly hire, monthly hire, and also for long-term hire. Need it just for the weekend? We can accommodate that too.

Legal Information

We provide products available for rental, contingent upon availability. Occasionally, we may offer alternative equipment due to circumstances. Rest assured, all options are from top brands and have undergone rigorous selection criteria. Images are solely for illustrative purposes.

Additional information


Sockets 1x 115V, 16A socket, 1x 115V, 32A socket, 1x 230V, 16A socket & 1x 230V, 32A socket
Fuel Type Diesel
Run Time 23hours
Noise Level at 7m 63 dB(A)
Weight 198kg
Fuel Capacity 27L
Starting Method Electric Start
Frequency 50Hz
Specification subject to change, depending on application and equipment availability.


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