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Yorkshire Wedding Generator Hire

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Yorkshire Wedding Generator Hire

Congratulations on planning your dream wedding in the picturesque Yorkshire countryside! With the date set and all preparations underway, it’s essential to consider a vital aspect that often goes overlooked – power supply.

Guiding You to the Right Generator Hire Solution in Yorkshire

From lighting and entertainment to catering equipment, weddings demand a substantial amount of electricity. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how generator hire can be the solution to ensure your Yorkshire wedding is a seamless and memorable occasion. At Target Tool & Generator Hire, we offer top-tier generator solutions to meet your power needs.

Hiring a Generator for Your Yorkshire Wedding: The Benefits

Planning your wedding in a rural location? Lack of reliable power can be a significant challenge, particularly for external catering teams.

Reliable Generator Solutions for Your Special Day

We work closely with your marquee provider and catering company to ensure you have the right generator and distribution panels well in advance of your big day.

Streamlined Wedding Generator Package: All-Inclusive Solution for Your Big Day

Our package deal makes hiring a generator for your wedding hassle-free. It includes generator(s), socket boards/ distribution panels, power for the kitchen, power to the bar, stage, toilets, and of course marquee lighting – all bundled together at a single, straightforward price.

Hire generator, mounded onto a road trailer, making it easy to manoeuvre from site to site.

Assessing Your Power Requirements

Your wedding will be a grand celebration, and to ensure everything runs smoothly, it’s crucial to assess your power needs. Our wedding hire generators range from 5kVA to 200kVA, providing the flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Lighting, music, catering equipment – all these elements require a reliable power source. With our ability to hire generators across all of Yorkshire, you can rest assured that your wedding will have a consistent and efficient power supply.

Emissions-Compliant Engines

Our generators are equipped with Stage IIIA and Stage V emissions-compliant engines. This not only ensures environmental responsibility but also guarantees reliable and efficient power.

Security and Reliability

Safety is paramount, especially in vulnerable areas. Our generators feature sturdy and secure canopies with large lockable doors, enhancing security. With generous 24-hour fuel tanks meeting DEFRA compliance standards, you won’t have to worry about refuelling during your special day.

Fuel Efficiency

We utilise advanced engine technology for industry-leading fuel efficiency. This means you get more power for your wedding without excessive fuel costs.

Environmental Responsibility

Our generators feature a robust bunded base with 110% capacity, minimising environmental risks. Additionally, a high-level alarm adds an extra layer of security.

Convenience and Flexibility

For added convenience and flexibility, we offer road-towable generator options. Our generators can also be connected to location tracking and comprehensive telemetry, ensuring you have full control over your power supply. But don’t worry, you should just enjoy your special day, we will do the monitoring for you.

Conclusion: Make Your Yorkshire Wedding Shine with Generator Hire

Your Yorkshire wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and ensuring a reliable power supply is essential. With Target Tool & Generator Hire, you can enjoy a seamless and memorable wedding day. Don’t let power concerns overshadow your celebration. Contact us today to discuss your generator needs and make your Yorkshire wedding truly special.

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FAQs - Your Wedding Generator Queries Answered

The generator size you need depends on your power requirements. Our wedding hire generators range from 5kVA to 200kVA, ensuring we can meet the needs of weddings of all sizes..

Generator hire costs vary based on factors like generator size, duration of hire, and additional services. Contact us for a customised quote tailored to your wedding.

We offer a range of generators suitable for weddings, including those with emissions-compliant engines, security features, and fuel efficiency. We have a range of petrol generators from 2-8 kva which are suitable for smaller weddings and diesel generators from 6kva to 200kva which cover the full scope.

Yes, especially if your wedding is in a location with limited access to the power grid. Generators ensure a consistent and reliable power supply for all your wedding needs.