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Industrial Generators For Hire

It doesn’t get any more heavy-duty than our industrial generators for hire. Saying these are big is an understatement, but one thing is for sure: these will get the job done in any industrial situation. For those looking for industrial generator hire near York or industrial generator hire near Selby, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we’re constantly expanding our radius and offering, so make sure you check back with us often. 

Why hire industrial generators and not buy them?

Even the lower output generators can be quite an investment. So, a small industrial generator hire is going to be a much more cost-effective option, and you only have to opt-in to buy something similar if you have the necessary usage for it. Industrial generator hire prices will always be a fraction of the cost, and we offer extremely competitive hire rates already. 

It’s also a great way to see if the machinery is the right type to begin with. You can hire a diesel generator to test it out for a project or for a short period, and you can then consider another industrial generator for hire later and compare. Maybe you want a diesel generator with a different KVA output? Or maybe you’re looking to go for a small industrial generator hire that can be strong enough but still compact enough due to limited space. 

Searching for an “industrial generator hire near me”

We have a wide array of options in regards to industrial generators for hire. Due to this, we feel as if we’ll be able to cover whatever needs you have, and when you do hire, we will handle all delivery and returns, as well as the maintenance that these generators will need. All you need to be concerned about is the output of the generators and if it’s enough to fulfil the demands that you have. 

On top of the demands you may have for a single project, you can also consider a long-term industrial generator hire as an emergency power backup for a building. There’s no need to turn a huge investment into a bigger one, and you can have a low fixed monthly cost for the hire itself. We also proudly carry options that can be considered low-emission options for those who are concerned about the environment but still need that industrial generator. 

Ready to work with you

We always advise you to reach out ahead of time and let us know what you’re looking for. We’re ready, willing and able to meet your needs you and want to make sure we get you the right industrial generator from the off. So speaking with us will help us gauge your needs and get a better understanding of what to recommend you. Through this we can pinpoint the type of generator for hire you’re looking to get and even save yourself some time and money in the process. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and getting the perfect generator for you.

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Daniel Arnett Managing Director
Experienced Managing Director with over 15 years of proven expertise in the power generation sector. Previously served as Export Sales Manager at PowerLink Machine UK and held the position of Managing Director at Constant Power Solutions Ltd. Currently spearheading operations as the Managing Director of Target Power Generators. Renowned within the industry for comprehensive knowledge of diesel and petrol generators, with a specialization in Perkins engines. Recognised for leadership, strategic vision, and a track record of delivering exceptional results.

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