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Knowledge Base

Welcome to Target Tool & Generator Hire’s latest Knowledge Base section! Here, we provide you with our knowledgable articles on the exciting world of tool hire, generator hire, and beyond. Our goal is to keep you updated on the latest developments, trends, and valuable insights within the realm of tools, equipment, and generator hires. Don’t forget to explore our YouTube channel for our most recent case studies and informative content. Stay in the know with Target Tool & Generator Hire!

Image of a small diesel generator available for hire, ideal for compact and reliable power solutions
Tips & Guides

Is a diesel generator cheaper than mains electricity?

Is a diesel generator cheaper than mains electricity? This is very up in the air and it all depends. The answer to the question is yes at the moment because of how high the cost of electricity has become but this can always change in the future. There are also

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Image related to portable suitcase generator for hire, offering convenient power solutions for various on-the-go applications
Generator Knowledge

Your Ultimate Guide to Event Generator Hire: Costs, Types, and More

Are you planning an event near York or Selby and wondering about the logistics of powering your setup? Look no further than Target Tool & Generator Hire for all your event generator needs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll answer your burning questions about event generator hire, from costs to types

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