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Small Generator Hire

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Small Generator Hire

At Target Tool & Generator Hire, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of small generators for hire designed to meet diverse power needs, from casual camping trips to large-scale events.

Versatile Generator Options for Every Need

Our selection begins with the lightweight 5 KW petrol hire generator and extends all the way to the robust 100KVA diesel hire generator. Whether you’re looking for a generator for a weekend getaway, to power your residence, or to ensure smooth operations at a business event, we’ve got the ideal solution in our range.

2.8KW Petrol Inverter Generator For Hire

Image of a 2.8KW petrol generator available for hire, providing portable and reliable power

£22.50 ex. VAT - £27.00 inc. VAT

Available For Nationwide Hire

5.2KW Petrol Stage V Inverter Generator For Hire

Image of a 4.8KW petrol generator available for hire, offering portable power solutions.

£35.00 ex. VAT - £42.00 inc. VAT

Available For Nationwide Hire

10KVA Diesel Generator For Hire

Image of the Target Tool & Generator Hire Portable Generator

£80.00 ex. VAT - £96.00 inc. VAT

Available For Nationwide Hire

5KVA Diesel Super Silent Generator For Hire

Image of a 6KVA diesel generator available for rental, suitable for powering various applications

£130.00 ex. VAT - £156.00 inc. VAT

Available For Nationwide Hire

25KVA Diesel Generator For Hire

Available For Nationwide Hire

8KW Stage V Diesel Generator For Hire

Image of a 10KVA generator available for rent, providing reliable power for a variety of applications

£180.00 ex. VAT - £216.00 inc. VAT

Available For Nationwide Hire

60KVA Diesel Generator For Hire

Available For Nationwide Hire

100KVA Diesel Generator For Hire

Image of a 100kva hire generator, mounted onto a trailer.

Available For Nationwide Hire

Camping Adventures:

Our lower-end models, especially the suitcase-style ones, are a favourite for camping enthusiasts.

Residential Power:

For medium to large homes, our 15kva to 50kva units ensure you’re never left in the dark.

Business Operations:

Ensure your business keeps running smoothly during power interruptions with our 60kva to 100kva generators.

Event Management:

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our event generator hire near me options will keep the festivities going.

Superior Engine Reliability:

Boasting engines from industry leaders like Kohler, Yanmar, JCB, Loncin, and Honda, our small generator hire guarantees unwavering reliability throughout your hire period.

Tailored Generator Configurations:

Choose from our open frame, suitcase style, or canopied designs. Each style is curated to offer flexibility based on your requirements. Whether it’s the portability of the suitcase style or the durability of the canopied, you’ll find the perfect fit.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing:

Curious about the small generator hire price or the 20 kva generator hire price? We pride ourselves on transparency, ensuring you know exactly how much to hire a small generator or any other capacity unit.

Serving Various Regions:

Whether you’re searching for 240v generator hire near me, mobile generator hire, 3 phase generator hire near me, or electric generator hire near me, our strategically located services ensure prompt deliveries across the UK.

Connect With Us:

Explore our range and get in touch to discover our extensive collection. With Target Tool & Generator Hire, superior power solutions are always within reach. Don’t compromise on power; choose the best.

Your Go-To for Portable Generator Solutions Across the UK

Wherever you are, be it bustling city landscapes or serene countryside vistas, Target Tool & Generator Hire has got your back with our eminent silent generator hire UK solutions. Ensure your essential home appliances never miss a beat with our leading portable diesel generator hire.

Situated centrally in Selby, UK, we pride ourselves on our capability to effectively cater to every UK corner. Recognising the distinct power-related challenges faced by businesses and homes, we’re devoted to offering the optimal generator resolutions.

Trusted Diesel Generator Hire in Yorkshire

For our esteemed clients in Yorkshire, including areas such as Selby, York, Hull, Leeds and beyond, our silent generator hire UK services are but a stone’s throw away. Whether your need leans towards event generator hire or petrol generator hire, our expansive range promises a fit for every necessity.

Facing unplanned power outages? Mulling over the prospect of an off-grid existence? Or in search of dependable power in Yorkshire? Your quest ends with Target Tool & Generator Hire. With our portable generator hire UK solutions, power assurance is merely a phone call distant.

Why Choose Our Small Generator Services?

We offer a comprehensive range of small generator hire options, from the compact silent generator hire ideal for quieter needs, to the robust 240v generator hire for more intensive tasks. Our variety ensures you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s the portability of a suitcase generator or the reliability of a diesel unit.

Whether you’re curious about how much to hire a small generator or seeking the convenience of ‘small generator hire near me’, dive into our offerings or connect with us to uncover our extensive array. Experience the ease of top-grade diesel, petrol, and 240v generator hire with us.

Enquire About A Diesel Generator For Hire

Need to hire a generator? Go ahead and ask! We’ve got a variety of options, including emergency, data centre, and construction site generator hire. From large to small we’ve got you covered. Whether you need 5KVA, 6KVA, 10KVA, 20KVA, up to 1500kva generator hire, we’ve got plenty of choices.